Nevin and Thora

Stand aside Thora.

You know this one cannot stop you. I know that all of this was just for you to speak to the exile? But I would like to know why? Have they stopped coming?

Rest assured, they are coming. However they are delayed and that is curious. The exile may have insight into this.

Interesting. You are a Morhederiel. Are you aware of this?

I am not ignorant of what you call the Enemy. It is better to be an assistant of god than be a slave. Or dead.

The one you sent before was not a Morhederiel.

How nice of you to notice. Last warning, Thora, stand aside.

As I previously stated, this one cannot stop you. As a matter of fact, I suspect that this one already knows too much and you will terminate it whether it stands aside or not.

We will root you out, Thora.

And I will survive

Nevin and Thora

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