Pathfinder - The Inner Sea

On the road again...

in the beginning

A simple/concise bullet point version of our start, a "this is what I remember" version. The names, race & class are listed for our benefit and do not necessarily indicate any shared knowledge between the players. Some may be obvious (i.e. the dwarves Keldar & Harland) and others less so (the elf/dwarf Xu Kai). I hope future posts will be more story-like and less lazy-like. You are welcome (encouraged) to fill in the blanks and/or make corrections as needed.

  • Keldar, dwarf oracle (Aaron) and [PC name] a [race] monk (Kendall) were on a pilgrimage to [major city]
  • [PC name], a [race] ranger (Jeff), was tracking a boar to hunt
  • From over the horizon behind the pilgrims, an unusual sight: a boar being chased by a dwarf riding another boar
  • As the rider, a dwarf cavalier and his boar, barrel through the travellers, the 2 comrades follow the unusual sight into the woods with the ranger stealthily following behind
  • A travelling and their bodyguard, Xu Kai Xiang, an elf/dwarf magus(?) is discovered but their wagon and horse have fallen into a river due to a collapsed bridge
  • Some of the travellers help retrieve the wagon and horse 
  • … something something …
  • [on boat that explodes]



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