Pathfinder - The Inner Sea

A Stirge Named Applesauce


  • Out of sea cave, off to find sheid generator
    • Travel to the closest highest ground to search for the nearest city, town or settlement
    • Head off to the only one within sight
    • On the way to the settlement, the team notice tree stumps lining the path, each one apparently spewing pollen or seeds of somekind into the air. Not knowing the status of the pollen, some of the group cover they faces with rags to prevent inhalation 
  • While on the road near the settlement, a young boy's voice is heard to yell out, "Applesauce!"
    • Shortly after, a single stirge emerges from the shrubery and flies towards the group
    • Varris pops off an arrow and hits it in the wing, wounding the creature
    • From the shrubery, a young boy emerges and calls out for Applesauce. The group quickly deduce the stirge is Applesauce, most likely the boy's pet.
    • Not wanting to start of on bad terms, Keldar prevents the stirge from acting and quickly takes the creature to the boy, hoping to smooth things over.
    • The boy, Gorin, is appreciative and invites the group to his town of Ravenmore, recommends they talk to his father Victor
    • Keldar & Jodo venture forth in search of the mayor. Varris & Harland together walk the town to wait for Keldar & Jodo while Xu Kai dissappears into the crowd, adding to Varris' suspicions about his true intentions 
    • After talking to Victor, Keldar & Jodo search for the town mayor but are unsuccessful
    • While roaming the town, the townsfolk dont' seem to mind the groups presence despite obviously being foriegners. Also, they are all humans and don't seem to notice or care about the 2 dwarves and 1 visible elf.
    • Also, all of the townsfolk are all peculiarly happy, all chipping in, decorating the town for the Founders Festival starting that evening
    • The mayor is found in the town square and essentially gives no useful answers, except for pointing out the fort in not too distant hills. Suspicions arise when the mayor is coy not very forthcoming about the fort. When the mayor is asked about the spores, he becomes a defensive & changes the subject, a little out of character but otherwise still very helpful
    • Waiting outside of town, Varris sees and is charmed by a Willow, a forrest nymph. Willow mentions that the shield is a shield for undead. Willow soon runs away after she discovers they are not the "Thora" [?]
  • Whlie tracking Willow, the group discover a cave temple in the forrest, close to a lake. 
to be continued….




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